Peace One Day

Last night’s  Peace One Day concert at the Royal Albert Hall seemed to be a huge success.


 Jeremy  Gilley started the whole thing off ten years ago, and after his special kind of focus, dedication and concerted effort, I think that people are finally beginning to take it more seriously. One piece of exciting news is that the House of Christian Dior have offered to back the POD for three years, also it looks like there are other sponsors lining up. Result…..Jeremy!!!

It’s always such a fine balance between "celebrity" involvement, and genuine engagement. And the same goes for corporate sponsorship with regards to how much they’re merely trying to "promote their product", as opposed to supporting the actual cause. I remember Eve Ensler saying that she had to face something similar when she started to lever up the Vagina Monologues, after she’d spent years playing to tiny audiences in art centres in the back of beyond.

I’ve always tried to remain autonomous and independent  as an artist, even though there were many times I could have bitten on the golden carrot dangling in front of me…I refrained, because keeping my integrity and freedom meant so much more to me.
And what is wrong with us…as people who receive so many benefits…that we cannot use our voices and our power to campaign to end  the horror of  injustice and obscene poverty? In a way, I have to say that you need to see it for your own eyes, to fully grasp what it’s all about. And when you’s a turning point. You change your world perspective…completely. That it why you see me showing up for Oxfam, and Peace One Day, and Amnesty etc…

That’s the reason why I’m trying to encourage and inspire everyone and anyone to get on board…It’s really a no brainer!  This week I’m working with Amnesty to launch a new initiative called the Amnesty Arts Fund, which will work with writers, film makers, musicians, artists, actors etc… With the view to contributing to highlighting injustice…I’m on a mission folks.

Some of this years accomplishments on Peace Day.

  • NATO ordered all international troops to halt offensive operations
  • Taliban supported the Day
  • These statements were made  following Karzai’s statement on Friday that Afghan troops would observe & not take part in any operations
  • 1.8 million children over a three-day period started yesterday, Peace Day, are hoped to be vaccinated  – W.H.O and UNICEF are working with Ministry of Public Health in insecure areas

Here are some images from the Peace One Day event:

CLICK HERE to visit the Peace One Day website