OK..so here’s the deal


OK..so here’s the deal…I have been bizzzeeee. I’ve been making lists, sorting through them, sending cards, catching up, editing..and some, wrapping stuff, catching up, multi tasking, and some…etc..etc…
It hasn’t stopped…which is the reason why I’ve been somewhat skimpy on the blogging zone for a little while.
The world is so nuts, that I just never quite know what to expect from one day to another…and by that, I mean “my” world…I mean “the” world…The one that we’re all dependent on and participants in.
In a day or so I’m going to have a short break…just to totally chill out, and relax…phew!!!
Then I’m going to get back on the horse, because 2009 is going to be quite full on in Lennox land. Oh yes my brothers and sistas…The fun’s not over yet…Not by a long shot.
So keep tuned in and turned on….
Ps…my daughter got a place in music college…and I’m the proudest mama in the whole wide world!!!!!!