No guarantees..EVER


Haiti has overwhelmed me, as it has countless others, least of all the citizens of the country themselves, who’s suffering and trauma is beyond our collective imagination.
And the ironic thing is that it takes a catastrophe of this unimaginable scale  to earn international  media focus and space.
Like so many people living  in impoverished countries, Haitians have been  trapped in a certain kind of suffering for decades, but we ( Westerners) have become sidelined, because it’s off our radar and doesn’t compute.
That doesn’t make us evil..It merely highlights our overwhelming sense of  disconnect and powerlessness.If you/ and I become consumed with despair, everything else becomes an even more lost cause…Just  like the metaphor of  someone trapped in the rubble for days, after  the emergency response has been called off. A waning of tapping sounds to say that “you are alive” diminishing by the second.
I’ve spent a good part of my life “despairing and hoping” at the same time, while appreciating  that life is destined to be snuffed out like a candle, at any given/ unannounced point.
Where does that leave me? You? Them? All of us?
With no guarantees..EVER.
So I’m more convinced of engaging with kindness with others and myself..It’s not an idealistic/wishy washy concept. It’s just human and  simple  in the end, like holding someone’s hand.
Kindness..empathy..compassion..(Different words for the same thing… ) Appreciating our differences, and embracing them, so we can co exist peacefully…what else is there to do???