Nelson Mandela’s birthday

The concert for Nelson Mandela’s birthday was yet another beautiful experience. And I have to give full credit to everyone behind the scenes. The organisation was absolutely exceptional. We tend to forget all the people who are involved in making these things happen, without whom..there would be complete chaos..or..nothing at all! Singing with the Agape Choir was completely uplifting. They gave their absolute best, and I am SO proud of them. The main thing for me, is trying to join the dots, and make the connection between the REAL people who are struggling to survive, and the abstract statistics that you read about in the newspapers.
Somehow it doesn’t always manage to translate. We have a filter for it, for one reason or another.
The event gave us an opportunity to focus once again on the issues of social injustice, human rights, and poverty. All the things that Mandela fought for throughout his life. Once it’s over, new headlines come up straight away. After the Make Poverty History concert in 2005 the entire event was eclipsed by the tragic London bombings. It was sickening, and profoundly disappointing in all kinds of ways. The main thing is that if you get on board, you need to stay committed. It’s great having a nice day out in the park, and a sing along..but what are YOU going to do? What is YOUR contribution going to be? If you get involved and stay involved you can be part of  making a collective difference. That’s how social movements work..It’s not a quick fix..It’s an evolution.
Please read BLESSED UNREST by Paul Hawken and get inspired!