I’m here in Nashville..getting ready for our next gig at the Ryman Theatre tomorrow, which is a magical old venue. I’ve really enjoyed performing in these small old theatres. They’re so beautiful, especially in contrast to the somewhat homogenous architectural style of modernity. The dressings room backstage usually feel like something from" The Shining"…ghosts of decades past…In any case..I seem to have put my back of the hazards of life on the road unfortunately…. Damn! Ice pack city.
Will be spending the day editing a new video for SING, which is really exciting. I love editing! Especially when it all starts to fall into shape.
This is going to be a tiny blog, because I have to get going in a minute.
Thanks for all your brilliant posts..So very interesting. I’m sure we all have a lot to exchange and learn from each other. As I’ve said many times before..please feel free to express your viewpoint…the only time I’ll take objection is if it gets abrasive or offensive…(which is usually down to a tiny minority of about "once in a while"! )
Sending out some good vibrations…..

Reviews are like the weather..some days it rains, some days the some comes out..It usually smarts a bit when you get a nasty one..and it’s always a nice surprise if they say something positive…I try to keep my head down and not pay too much attention, otherwise you get pulled in too many different directions…’s some flagrant showing off ..God strike me down if I don’t stay humble!! ( What’s she like?????)
All I can say is ….PHEW!!!


Here’s a glimpse at what the critics are saying:

"Like the best gospel and soul music, it burrowed through pain in search of meaning, and transcendence. The cascading vocals of "Thorn in My Side," the disco pulse of "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)," and the Creole-streaked rhythm of "Ghost in my Machine" were positively celebratory.Lennox’s multi-octave alto remains a formidable instrument…" – Chicago Tribune
"Annie Lennox has entered her 15-city, small theater tour armed with an impressive, rabble-rousing album, ‘Songs of Mass Destruction,’ and one of rock’s most powerful and distinct voices sounding great on the record…’Mass Destruction’ and its predecessor, ‘Bare,’ reveal Lennox’s enduring relevancy: She’s no ’80s act forced to reproduce a version of her video-self. She proved that with a new song, ‘Ghosts in My Machine,’ a soul-warming amalgamation of southern R&B and techno with a zydeco flourish." – Daily Variety

"One thing [Annie Lennox] doesn’t have to worry about is whether her songs move people. She can see that for herself." – New York Times

"The ardor with which the powerhouse singer’s fans greeted this rare tour stop was just what a legendary leading lady would expect… Lennox is one of pop’s most venerated singers, envied by aspiring prima donnas and zealously supported by her cult…. Her extraordinary alto somehow matched timelessness with urgency. Committing to every note, Lennox made each song a sacrifice, and each climax a cry of survival." – Los Angeles Times
"Ms. Lennox is such an expressive singer, able to dip into a rich lower register, then soar to a piercing high. She feels each lyric, singing it with potency and reverence. Within the space of the song, she’s in character…. With her force of personality, everybody will stand up and listen."- Dallas Morning News

"Opportunities to hear Annie Lennox sing live are not to be passed up if at all possible.…The Scottish singer – unquestionably among the greatest living voices, and one of the most soulful ever to emerge outside of R&B…received one rapturous ovation after another here. Not only do her vocals tend to overwhelm the spirit – her expertly controlled acrobatics and impassioned delivery can have the inspirational impact of primo Aretha Franklin – but the rarity of encountering such a powerful force only enriches its potency in person. In such a small space, it’s no wonder certain climaxes got some people to virtually leap from their seats." – Orange County Register

"…her energy and enthusiasm were extraordinary… And indeed, this crowd loved her, adored her, swooned for her every dramatic gesture. It’s all about that voice — soul deep and so muscular it can pummel you or, just as easily, carry you away." – Contra Costa Times

"Lennox put show stopping exclamation marks on the stomping choruses of songs like ‘Walking on Broken Glass’ and ‘Thorn in My Side.’ But it was the ballads that gave her soulful voice room to take flight, especially during the concert’s exquisite centerpiece, ‘Cold’…"

– San Francisco Chronicle

"…the Scottish-born singer’s sold-out show at the Cadillac Palace Theatre was ultimately about the power of straightforward, unadorned and emotionally honest music — and the importance of soul over all of pop’s superficial trappings." – Chicago Sun Times