I enjoy writing "blogs"…and I’m really getting into this My Space thing.

As you can imagine..I’m not here for social networking. It’s more about connecting with people in a different kind of way.

I can see the potentiality for being inspiring and thought provoking..and I want to put some thoughts out there with no filters. So many people are truly disempowered/ disenfranchised through the circumstances of the family situation/country /culture etc they were born into. I think that we have so much more power than we even realise..even if you have a job in a supermarket that you’re still so much better off than trillions of people. Joining in..becoming proactive is the thing…no matter what it is…it’s all relative. So you’re not Bill what? You’re YOU..with your friends, family, associates and people you meet in the street and will never meet again. You’re sending out your energy and influence wherever you are. It’s all relative. By becoming joining groups..following through with your beliefs you can create partnerships that improve the quality of other’s lives ( including your own feel good factor).


Did anybody say ‘soapbox" here??? They did?? Well this is my soapbox, and I’m gonna use it…!!


By the way..I have to say once again how touched I am over the responses I’ve had to the blogs I’ve been sending. I read every one.

I’m glad to have so many intelligent, thought provoking responses, and not just "my favourite colour is…and I like marshmallows"…


Let’s "up the ante" with some real dialogue.