MySpace – real

To those of you who might be thinking otherwise…This really is my official My Space site.

The blogs are mine…there is no middle man…and that’s one reason why I love creating them.

I want to use My Space as a means of communication and inspiration.

I don’t expect anyone to agree with me or follow my view. It’s great that people can express their viewpoints long as it’s not abusive or overtly weird.

What I find encouraging is that so many responses are consistently thoughtful and intelligent.

And here’s the deal..I’m an artist..not a politician. My opinion’s are my own. I have no agenda, other than possibly encouraging people to become more proactive with issues that can make a difference in the world at large.

So much of what I read on My Space sites is completely puerile and vacuous. I think there’s a chance we can "up the anti". There’s so much potentiality.

By the way…I read all the comments, although it’s not possible to address each one individually..I try to respond in a more general way.

So keep the faith!

Best wishes..Annie