Millennium Development Goals 2015

Perhaps it might be a good idea to point out that I don’t consider myself to be any kind of "paragon of virtue" in any way, shape or form. Like all/most human beings..I embody several fundamental flaws…(which I won’t share, because I beat myself up enough over them in any case!). I rarely write things to "provoke"..more rather to "stimulate" interesting responses. Just one last note on the "charity" word…I say/write a lot of things as they come to me. It’s not always something "rock solid", or vouch safe. Most people seem to catch my drift, as it is intended. But let me just clarify that I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the word or deed of "charity" per se…however…. in this day and age, the problems that millions of people are suffering in their lives, should not be regarded as "charitable" causes. When half the world is dependent on "hand outs", surely we need to be addressing the reasons why they don’t have access to the basic facilities and supplies that we seem to take for granted..clean water..a healthy diet..access to health care..certain human rights etc. Sustainable solutions are social, economic, political ( with a big and small "p"). Sometimes I just get frustrated that these things are so rarely on the agenda. They made such a deal out of the G8 summit. A few hours in a room for these guys to get together about the world’s suffering????…they’ve usually got much more important things to do, like making arms deals, or such like don’t’ they?? PS…Take that bulky term "Millennium Development Goals 2015" and brand it in your mind. PPS…Thank you so much for my American Theatre book… Wow..what a beautiful gift you guys!