Life???? Bring it on!!!

Tomorrow will be the beginning of another busy week. Since people have started coming back to work, I’ve been having meetings, and trying to forge ahead with plans and schemes for the year ahead. I’ve had all kinds of interesting requests and offers, and to be honest, one of the hardest things can be keeping on track without becoming too diversified. There are numerous plates to spin..and I like being a plate spinner, as long as there’s enough time to give each one it’s time!
Some of the things I’ve been finding in my cupboards will be put up for auction on e bay, once I’ve sorted them out. It’ll be a great big AL jumble sale, with all the proceeds going to the SING campaign. What could be more fun!
I’m also putting time side to experiment in the studio…because that’s an absolute creative necessity, whatever comes out of it!
I’ve decided to back down from touring for a while, because I want to be at home with my family before they fly the coop, so to speak.
But I’m very much alive and kicking…raring to go in fact. Life???? Bring it on!!!