Latest Blog: 20.12.07

Beautiful responses… I can tell that some of you must be university graduates! ( not me….I woz a drop out).

I write these blogs, for the sake of writing. Pure and simple. There’s no real agenda. And I apologise if I sound like the harbinger of doom from time to time….I don’t mean to be…but then I guess I do have a few issues with the world within and without.
Finally dragged myself out of bed today..and put on some clothes. Baby steps. Haven’t ventured out beyond the front door for a while..might have to consider it tomorrow.
In any case..What I must emphasise is that I am absolutely no paragon of virtue..nor do I claim to be. I’m as confused and paradoxical as everyone else who’s confused and paradoxical.
Once you get to thinking outside the box, it leaves quite a lot of room for scope.
Lately I’ve been listening to these fantastic historical BBC recordings, when people really did speak the Queen’s English, ( turn of the century till 1950’s). It seems to me that life really was more definable back then. Perhaps it was altogether more simple to boot. The strange thing is, that you hear the voices of these elderly people who were young whippersnappers during the First World war..Eager beavers, gung ho for the trenches, and all that butchery. Little did they know. They’re describing some of the terrible experiences of warfare, and it’s all done in this “matter of fact” “prim and proper” kind of if their conditioning for battle made them  impervious to the profound horror of the actual experience. Perhaps denial is a protective device. Actually I’m sure it is. But in any case, it seems that throughout history, soldiers have come back from battle to be confronted with a kind of aversion, or shunning by the general populace at large. They fight for the notions of “valour, “honour”, “their country” et al…but return to an altogether different situation than the one they’ve left behind.
Finding themselves alienated and marginalised in the process.
I guess this is something that must have been going on throughout the annals of time.
Why is it that it’s mainly men who go to war??? If  there’s an intelligent God behind creation, why does this happen??? Why do male homo sapiens love going to war???Any suggestions?? I’m perplexed.