Latest Blog: 19.12.07

Regarding “stuff”…..We are a consumer culture. And we need bigger, smaller, faster, different, newer, more, more…and more of it.
I doubt that it’ll reverse, unless we’re forced into it by major economic tide shifts. That would be a different kind of Tsunami. When I was driving through the mid West of America, I realised that I was seeing the same thing repeated everywhere..the shopping mall, the parking lot, the entertainment centre, the suburban sprawl. And the goods in the stores are mostly manufactured….in China…that communist/capitalist state, with a human rights record to die for…literally.
In any case….how is this all sustainable? How can we continue to consume for decades to come? We survive on “stuff”..we exist for “stuff”. The entire social/political/economic/cultural structure is based upon it.
And if…right now…somebody pulled the plug out, and there was no electricity, or gas supply, or petrol, or oil, or food on the supermarket shelves, we’d be on our knees in a matter of  days.
Every day in other parts of the world, women and children walk barefoot for miles over rough terrain,in all weathers, to collect water from unclean sources…to collect and carry bundles of  firewood to heat the water, so that they can cook a handful of  cereal. They have learned to cultivate the obstinate soil, to plant and coax the tender shoots of young crops, and to pray for the continued balance of rain and sunshine, so that they might have a handful of food in their bellies each day.  It is hardship in the extreme, and they just get on with it, because there is no other choice. 
The gaps between these two life experiences are vast…planets apart. I have seen it from afar, and close up, and it is shattering….It is harsh, brutal, cruel and completely rotten.
Chronic and endemic poverty truly stinks…. It reeks of malnutrition and disease….hopelessness and despair. Poverty is a funeral shroud, a sea of mud, a pile of on flyblown dying bones…a pile of dead man’s clothing.
Can we ever bridge the gap between “stupid” consumerism, and “stupid” poverty?????