It’s raining in London..

It’s raining in London.. And the night’s are drawing in. Summer always seems to come to a rather abrupt ending, with September stepping in as a gentle entry into the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. Basically I’m an absolute Luddite at heart. I want to step back in time to when horses clip clopped slowly down the street..when gas lamps were lit and  clocks  just ticked along at their own gentle pace.
But then,  of course, I’m a whimsical hypocrite because I actually have no sense of what it was really like back in the day. I just have a fantastical  sense of "nostalgia" for an imagined past. Fact of the matter is that we’re all collectively heading into  the unknown on a daily/hourly/momentary basis.
The Victorians had no idea what would arise from their creations any more than anyone of us knows what’s ahead of us now. Living in London is to live with the legacy of Victorian heritage on every corner. Mixed in with internet cafes and all the other aspects of cutting edge modernity,it’s a fairly heady mix..
One that I’ve grown to appreciate even  more over the recent years. So here’s to
Londonium and all who sail in her! What a place! What a history! What a melting pot of fabulousness all n all!