It’s squirrel time again folks!

It’s squirrel time again folks! Yes indeed…And do I have a squirrel story for you!!!
A BABY squirrel in this instance actually!  A baby squirrel, whom I discovered yesterday, curled up in a little ball right slap bang in the middle of the road outside my house, like a kamakaze, ready to get squished by an oncoming vehicle.
So what do you do when a baby squirrel is so innocently  prepped for it’s imminent extinction? You run upstairs, and find a pair of leather gloves, just in case the aforesaid fluffy  rodent might take a fancy to taking a chunk out of your fingers, and then you try to coax the little furry critter into shifting it’s location towards a more grassy/leafy environment…Which is, in fact, what I did…But baby squirrel wasn’t so easily convinced.
He..or she…somehow felt more connected to the tarmacadam, and kept gravitating towards it. I tried talking he or she out of it…but to little avail. Someone had to take a  decisive measure.
So…I went to pick Nutkin up…and he/she squeaked and wriggled, and I thought my fingers might be savaged..but I persevered. Suddenly he/she became distracted by some tiny flower petals that were lying in the I took the more subtle approach..and gently stroked it’s head while he/she was otherwise engaged, to diminish the shock factor of being grabbed by human hand.
My ploy seemed to work, and I managed to pick him/her up ( squeaking and wriggling) for just enough time to bring him/her to the space between the railings of the adjacent garden, where I let him/her go right at the foot of a tall old tree. Guess what Nutkin did then?
He/she did what all Nutkins are destined to do….He/she scampered up the tree in true squirrel fashion..Well out of the way of oncoming tyres.
Phew!..Isn’t that a good ending to a squirrel Nutkin story…
Boys and girls..Don’t try to make pets out of wild animals..They are essentially..wild and free, and they don’t take too kindly to human interference, however well intentioned it might be!