It totally transformed my world view.

You see, I had the good fortune to be invited to visit orphanages, clinics, townships, people’s homes, community centers, hospitals, NGO’s….and it was a complete paradigm shift. It totally transformed my world view. Now, every time I turn on my shower it’s like…HOT WATER ON TAP!!!! Boy am I the lucky one!!..
And every aspect of my life is like a heavenly realm compared to billions who live in chronic, obscene, unremitting, vicious poverty.
That is what drives my focus..Especially as a woman.
Women carry the burden of it all..relentlessly.
In the majority of so called “developing  countries” women are not cherished, respected  valued or protected. And that is a plain fact.
I’m not being histrionic or over reactive people..that…. is just…. an absolute…. fact.
Without question, there needs to be a shift.
The masculine, dominant power is soooooo  egotistically harmful and destructive..It needs to be tempered by understanding/appreciation/respect/empathy..and by saying this does not make me a “hater of men”..I’m a pragmatist, it’s patently obvious.
The key lies in the potential of men to see what insanity is being engendered by violence/power etc…
I have no idea what the future holds in any capacity…but I long for more sanity in an insane world.