I’ve been “off the radar” for a little while….

I’ve been “off the radar” for a little while….something necessary  for me, after I  got home and woke up to the momentum of a “dog who is being wagged by it’s tail”, so to speak.
Which would all be absolutely  fine if my left foot wasn’t permanently numb, and my lower back wasn’t telling me that I  need to pay attention. So  I need to take the time to allow my body to strengthen and heal….And I need to facilitate it, otherwise I risk some chronic problems.
I have an over riding drive to try to contribute  to the issues that I feel passionately about, otherwise I don’t really see the point.
And ( ironically) at the same time, I  realize that the world in which we live is profoundly dark/corrupted and …well…basically…. pretty disturbing.
That’s no big revelation..any small child gets it….But it’s what we become, as adults, that leads us to wake up to the burden of what we have come from, and where we might be going.
A  problem with potentially no solutions for the pessimist, and a challenge to be responded to for the other side!
As for me, I swing between both camps from time to time.
I’m going to South Africa…AT LAST! I would have been there last year if it hadn’t been for the issue with my back/foot.
And then….back to Scotland…to take part in the Festival of Politics…finally!
There is a “carte blanche” ahead of me..which is both daunting and inspiring….As Paul Weller said when he was asked about his “re invention” of himself..He responded..”I’ve never re invented myself…I just change”.