I’m practicing my TED talk..


I’m practicing my TED talk..They’ve given me nine minutes to pack it all in, and you have to very concise, otherwise it impacts on all the other speakers time slots..90 talks given in all!
I’m really grateful to have this platform to campaign, and try to spread the message of SING…which is ostensibly, to wake people up into  realising  and understanding more about the HIV/AIDS pandemic, as it plays out in the lives of women and children, and to try to make a difference by supporting organisations who are working to support those who are affected. Trying to save lives is always a good thing…but also recognising that human rights should be accessible to all, and not just to a few. Access to fundamental health care and nutrition should be one of those rights.
I ploughed through my set with vengeance yesterday…all five songs plus an encore..did the usual finger botch up..goddam! But hey…it’s all jazz..and it’s the spirit that counts!
Wish me luck!