I respect the athlete…let me repeat…

Well…the Olympics are almost drawing to a finale..and I seem to have ruffled a few feathers with my ”grouch”. Sometimes I feel grouchy, and it’s good to write it out!
I suggest whenever any of you are feeling crabby, and ill tempered…..write it out babes!! Just put that pen to paper…and whoosh…RELEASE!!
However ( she hastened to add)..don’t make it personal! That way you can hurt someone, and that’s nat so good children!
In any case..let me re address my crabby grouch!
I respect the athlete…let me repeat…I have HUGE respect for those guys that run around in the wet, freezing, rain lashed streets at seven in the morning, wearing nothing more than a thin vest and tiny shorts. Are you kidding me???!! They put me to shame. I’m a bed languisher. A slow mover. A…"oh god..not the gym!" kind of fellow. Budding champion tennis players, swimmers, gymnasts, ice skaters, runners and javelin throwers, who all have to get up before the crack of dawn, to get in the water, or the court, or whatever it is they have to do for hours and hours of  rigorous discipline…wooaaaa…RESPECT I say…to every one.
I wasn’t having a crack at the athletes…that would be a little barking. ( “mad” for our US friends)
I just wish that the media…television especially, could focus more often on the things that are happening around the world which have a life or death significance.
And when I see the massive effort that we can put into things like sending rockets to space, or huge events…I think the balance is off. Human beings can do extraordinary things, but we still haven’t eliminated chronic and endemic poverty, the kind of poverty where millions of people die as a result of causes which could be simply remedied and easily prevented. Our priorities are cock eyed, and there’s no balance whatsoever. Most of us simply don’t realise it, because we’ve never witnessed or experienced poverty and suffering at that level.
In any case…just to qualify…I am NOT saintly…”angelic”…or perpetually “sweet”. Just to set the record straight. I get short tempered, impatient, judgemental and  depressed…just like we all do my Peeps. Whoops..and in case you haven’t noticed..I have a slightly ironic sense of humour, which doesn’t always translate onto the written page. Please write in about how you see yourselves. Do you think you’re a wonderful person? Do you like yourself? Where do you fall short? What are your regrets? What advice would you give to a baby as it enters into the earth planet?