I need some feedback


I need some feedback… I want to know if you’d be interested in having a “hard copy” ie “book” made of my blogs over the last year. I would have loved to include the responses in the book, but unfortunately they haven’t been stored. Could you let me know if this is something that might appeal to you??? I’m leaving for Davos early tomorrow morning. It should be an interesting experience, even if I only get a sense of what actually takes place there. I’ll be talking about SING and The Circle, to try to spread the word. Sony BMG have given me their assurance that they’ll get behind me, and they’re talking about releasing a “hard copy” of all the mixes, possibly including a DVD of the film clips…What do you think about that? I have to stress that SING is a long term project and commitment on my part…the song is just the first pebble thrown in the water. I’m thinking and talking and strategizing with all sorts of people right now. My main goal is to help to make a difference to the totally unacceptable situation with HIV and Aids…especially with women and children. It will evolve and develop over the months ahead. Everything takes time….it’s cumulative.

Please post your thoughts on the blog "book" in the forum or on my Myspace Page