I love snow…I have no jibe with it at all…

Back in my home town since last night, and snow is falling. I love snow…I have no jibe with it at all. It just makes things slow down a little, which is fine by me!
Have been going through the lyrics to songs, as they’re presented In The House of Me…A lot of blood sweat..(and yes folks)…tears even…went into them, and every little nuance, so I want them to stand to attention..bright and shiny, and on best form..no typos or slovenly mishaps. I want them up to scratch and word perfect, so I’m going through them with a nit comb, so to speak..
If you have any ideas, suggestions, or whatever, I’d value your feedback…I dance to my own tune, but am always open to what other peeple think.
Almost every song I’ve ever written has been birthed out of the ache of unrequited love…don’t know if that’s a terrible admission or not….but hey…isn’t that the universal theme of the human condition in any case?..Love/shmuv that’s what I say…makes the world go round, or makes you feel like “road kill” ( quoting Hugh Hefner describing how he felt when Holly left him).
I can relate to that…flat as a squished stray dog pancake..post dazed in the headlights…if you catch my drift…
Ps…the brilliant song No More I Love You’s was written by David Freeman of The Lover Speaks…I would never have had the genius to come up with the line…” I don’t find myself bouncing home whistling buttonhole tunes to make me cry”.
PPS…Is there a future?? Send in your answers to preapocolyptia.com God wants your feedback!