I love my blog

I love my blog, and I love to read what ma peeps write! My last posting about “change” appeared to have stimulated all kinds of wonderful, thoughtful and touching responses.
If you stop to consider the facility that “blogging” creates, it’s quite exceptional. Who would have thought, only a few years ago, that you’d be able to write something..send it out to the world at large, and have people from all fours corners write back right away, as if you’re having a conversation!? It still amazes me.
I particularly loved the blog from “think positive”, with the U tube piece about  “HOME GROWN REVOLUTION”. Bravo to you! I’m such a speedy urbanite, that my lifestyle is pretty contrasted, but I so respect and appreciate what you’ve done and are doing. So inspiring..I love the message about becoming the change you want to make. That’s exactly where it’s at for me.
I realize that we can all  feel so overwhelmed and disempowered by the way things are in the world, but I’ve  realized the futility of responding with despair, and falling into a self perpetuating “victim mentality”.
You have to do better than that…You have to get beyond it. For your own sake first… and then your encounters with the world can become quite special, on all kinds of levels, and you can allow yourself to imagine “possibilities”  beyond your somewhat jaded/ fear based/limited perspective.

PS…I knew about the plough horses by assimilation..my mother’s side of the family were from the countryside, and my great aunt ran a dairy farm.The memories are still resonant.