I know!..I know!..I’ve been off the blog loop somewhat…

I know!..I know!..I’ve been off the blog loop somewhat…Don’t ya miss it? Don’t ya miss me???!!!
First of all..I  ( accidentally) spilled..well..red wine actually…all over my “former” laptop. Quelle disastre!
In any case..I’m all set up now with a brand new pair of roller skates…and heading into the world wide internet once again!
It’s Summer..at last….Thank God,  Allah and Buddha! Last winter had to be the longest on record..Seven months was it??!!
OK..so… I’m scanning the international press..and there’s floods in Pakistan…Haiti.. An earthquake..remember.. Pictures of shell shocked children from Afghanistan, Gaza, Iraq…the world’s top ten best mascaras..Five millennia on, the iceman of Bllzano giving up his secrets, and Raol Moat’s funeral.. To name but a few of the most compelling news stories to date.
Is it just me, or am I missing something?
CORRECT ANSWER??..”No..it’s not just you”…The world is in a constant state of infinite flux/turmoil..some might say “perfection” but I might not concur  with that concept…
In any case..needless to say ..Busyness as usual on planet earth. As long as Alan Sugar’s in the House of Lords, then all must be well innit. No offense intended Lord Sugar…you are sweetness and light itself.