I just read that the legendary John Martyn has passed away…


I just read that the legendary John Martyn has passed away. If you haven’t heard of him, I heartily suggest that you check out one of  his masterpieces…”Solid Air”, so you can get  a sense of his  remarkable musical gift. He was only 60 years old, but he lived hard and fast, bless him mucho.
I’ve been reading your responses to the last blog about eating disorders with interest. Thank you for responding, and for being so frank. One of the things that strikes me is this…Obviously, if you are unable to leave your house because of the situation, then someone has to facilitate your craving ( in the case of obesity)..so it’s not “one” person’s problem…It has to involve more than one person, and I guess that the other person, or people, have to have a vested interest in the “feeding” system, otherwise the food wouldn’t be available right?
With bulimia and anorexia there’s a lot of cover up and secrecy….but obesity isn’t something you can hide.
The thing that struck me about the mother (of the young man I referred to in the film) was literally killing him with kindness..smothering with a kind of distorted expression of love….or the fear that he would leave her, so she kept him dependent on her, like a baby.
So I assume that if you’re obese, and you rely on someone else to supply you with food, then it’s an issue for both sides..????