I have genuinely come to appreciate London..


I have genuinely come to appreciate London..the city I arrived in (39 years ago for goodness sake)..staggering,  suitcase laden off the overnight train from Aberdeen, at the mystical/ ungodly  hour of 6.am… greeted by the strangely familiar  waft of  warm tube station dust, blowing up from  the  guts of the Northern Line.
London is a globe within the globe..A massive melting pot.
We are all here..the entire world  population, reduced to a massive city.
It is  a vibrant/focused/ diverse/challenging/stimulating and inclusive..place to live.
For all it’s weaknesses and strengths,..London embraces everything and everyone..The ancient past..the radical and ever evolving present.
We run, we cycle, we walk, we bus, we motor bike, taxi, we survive..somehow..and pretty much.. Miraculously!
And so it leads me to think of “identity”….An interesting topic.
Who am I? What are we?? Does it matter?
WE…the people of the world seem to define ourselves through land, language, history, social standing,education ( or lack of) family…inheritance..breeding.
Football appears to simplify all that. You “are” because you support your team!!!!
(A disclosure)…I’m one of those rare entities who’s never….ever…. attended a football match.
Admittedly,  the very thought of  football matches makes me feel slightly depressed.
The answer takes me back to rainy Saturday afternoons, and a  black  and white television set, as the football scores were being read after the matches.
“Hibernian Athletic….TWO…..East Lothian ..NIL”…
It sounded like the world had ended….or maybe it had just stopped, for a moment..as it seemed to do..every Saturday.