I had a lovely time at the Roundhouse last night.

I had a lovely time at the Roundhouse last night. There was a wonderful atmosphere, with a sense of “connectivity” in the house, as it were. Each time I perform it’s like something new. I try to create a combination of songs to affect and compliment the occasion. But it’s always like a free fall for me, because I don’t don’t do it on a regular basis, so it’s always a little edgy and unpredictable from my side. I don’t go around thinking that I’m anything other than an ordinary human being, and it’s very important for me to preserve that notion, for my own sanity, otherwise I might get all kinds of misguided notions in my head, which would serve me rather poorly, as it has many others who’ve gone before. The main thing  I’ve always been intrigued with is “artistic”  expression and communication….and most of the rest is just extraneous as far as I’m concerned.
In all these decades of performance, ever since the first time I stood on stage to sing by myself, at seven years old..knees trembling…the entire process has always been challenging. I’ve come to an interesting place with it all…On the one hand, I care very much..I want to extend the best that I can possibly offer. When I sing..I sing out the essence of my life’s experience. It’s raw, challenging, and right on the edge of flaw or failure. I spent a decade with Dave in Eurythmics going through that constant process, and felt ultimately that I had to step back, otherwise my life’s bone marrow might be disappear…
I know that I could tour for 365 days a year, if I felt so inclined…and that’s something I don’t take lightly…but I don’t want to disappear into a touring schedule again. I can’t hack that kind of existence. I just want to be free, and autonomous, so I can do things in my own way and measure. So this is just my way of explaining why I might not be appearing in a theatre near you in the near future…and how I preserve the right to pick and choose, so the proverbial “tail” doesn’t wag this dog too much.