I can’t save the world…

I know that I can’t save the world…but I can influence it…and so can every one of you.

Once you realise just how much more power you have, you cannot fail to use it.

And when you witness the conditions and effects of chronic poverty, you realise how fortunate you have been to have been born in different circumstances.

You can use your laptop in so many infinite ways. And you can use your laptop to connect and inform you about things that truly matter..Things that can make a positive difference to the world.

My goal is to try to inspire people to connect to the individuals and groups that are working to do just that.

There are so many organisations like  Oxfam, Unicef, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, Amnesty International, Make Poverty History, Medecines Sans Frontieres, Save the Children….hundreds and hundreds of AMAZING..FANTASTIC groups that are doing everything they can to contribute.

They are my heroes. They give me back faith in humanity and the human spirit at it’s most noble.

Take the time to check them out…I’m going to keep adding more.