I came home today, after six nights in hospital.


I came home today, after six nights in hospital. Actually, if you really need to escape from the world, I’d highly recommend it, but the only restriction is that you have to have a health issue before they’ll let you in. My “restriction” was  a nerve, which was trapped by a bulged disc, resulting in a totally numb and immobile  left foot, which I could only drag (Quazi Modo) style around the house. Something told me that urgent action was required. So to cut a long story short ( pardon the pun), I had micro surgery on my back on Friday morning, to remove some of the vertebra that was impinging on my sad little nerve. Needless to say, I am totally in awe of surgeons. This is the fifth time that I’ve gone under the scalpel…and each time I think  it’s miraculous…although the tonsillectomy I had all those years ago still rhymes with the word “butchery”. Anyhow… I can now walk again slowly, without the drag, but it’s going to take at least six months of physiotherapy before I start to walk more normally again. Hey Ho!
There was no internet server  at the hospital, which is probably not a bad thing really. I spent hours on my lap top in any case, working on photographs that have been waiting to be edited  for years. My whole schedule has had to be cancelled, and The Collection will now come out in Spring of next year. It’s very disappointing in every respect, but it’s just how it is. Sammy told me that I’ve something in the region of twenty thousand “best wishes”…..which is very nice. So I’m sending back twenty thousand “thankyou’s” in appreciation. See you at the Samba school! love AL