Hey Ho..the good old days

I have to say that in the Seventies we did loads of gigs in all kinds of venues. In London we played in places like the Hope and Anchor, Dingwalls, The Electric Ballroom, The Nashville Rooms, and The Marquee.

The audiences were often pretty hardcore, with drunks, punks and skinheads thrown in for good measure, it could sometimes get pretty edgy. I’ve seen a lot of ugly stuff. Lots of fights in audiences. Near riots. People getting beaten up, pushed about. I once saw the silhouette of a person with a hammer coming down on some unfortunate person, at the back of the hall. Once we were playing at a huge open air festival in Finland and some idiot flung an empty vodka bottle at the stage..narrowly missing my head by inches. I was so angry, that I almost leapt of the stage to have a go at him. Later on we heard that the alcoholically saturated audience had set fire to the PA system. Mad. Absolutely mad. That’s probably one of the reasons why I felt I had to be a little defensive on stage. Sometimes people’s behaviour can be completely baffling. I’ve had people talk all the way through a set, right in front of me, as if they thought I wasn’t even aware of what they were doing. One guy had his feet up on the stage, like it was his own personal footstool. I went backstage and asked someone to give me the price of the concert ticket..handed it over to him and told him to leave. Another guy was so rude that I poured a glass of water over his head at the encore. Hey Ho..the good old days.. So I’m pretty seasoned when it comes to stage experiences… As long as I can stand up and hear myself and the band I can just about deal with anything!