Failure of governments

I’m very encouraged to read the responses to my blogs. I suspect there are MILLIONS of people who feel disillusioned by the general failure of governments to respond effectively to so many urgent issues and situations. I have a feeling that in this age of technology and high speed communications, ordinary citizens can do a HUGE amount to bring about change.

The fact that the word "green" seems to be almost ubiquitous right now is a step forwards, but URGENT steps really need to be taken politically and legislatively to turn the tide around.

According to many experts, we only have a short window of a few years before it really is too late. (If you haven’t yet seen AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH, then I urge you to do so…it leaves little doubt about that).

I think there needs to be, in fact, something like the war effort in Britain in the forties.

Then again, more importantly..if nations like the US and China don’t "join in the party" so to speak, then I dread to think what calamities lie ahead.

Everyone I talk to seems to be aware of Global warming/deforestation/pollution etc..perhaps less clear as to what can be effectively done RIGHT NOW.

To me, it’s THE CHALLENGE of the 21st Century…and it has to be addressed  along with with the other issues of Poverty, Population explosion, Trade, Development, Urbanisation etc..because they’re all interconnected. International governments and businesses must change their limited, short term way of looking at things.


Talking to Zackie Achmat yesterday, he said that a strain of the  Aids related tuberculosis virus has now emerged which has mutated to a degree where there’s no treatment and no cure..furthermore, the virus is transmitted through the air. The point is that we may  think that Aids is something that won’t affect the Western general population on an general scale…but we’re somewhat delusional.

The crisis may be "over there"…. "not in my backyard" for now…but maybe not for long.

That’s one of the reasons I believe it’s in EVERYONE’S interest to get on board with the Aids issue.

For one thing there needs to be available and affordable access to mother and baby transmission prevention drugs…..and to Anti Retroviral Treatment.

The new medication is far simpler ( only one pill a day), far less toxic than the previous medication, and it saves and extends lives.

If one in five people in this country were HIV positive there’s be a state on national emergency.  That’s how it is in many parts of Africa, and it’s absolutely not getting better.