Cold Sores

Coldsores…..I’ve suffered from them since ever I can remember. Itching, burning, stinging, throbbing, nasty old cold sores. So here’s my cold sore story for the day. When I was recording in the studio a while ago, I was chatting with Scotty the engineer, and somehow we got onto the subject of the aforementioned curse. And I was saying…”the weird thing is, that every time I talk about, or think about cold sores…the very next day..BOOM, that damned little lip blister appears”! And the very next day…guess what happened??? Yes folks..I woke up with a cold sore. Yesterday I was going through some medicine cabinets ( as you do) and I came upon packs of Aciclovar. (Aciclovar is my friend, when the curse of the lip blister kicks in). Guess what happened a few hours later??? You guessed it!!! So what comes first..the thought, or the cold sore? Anybody got any cold sore tales???