Last night’s show in Chicago was fantastic. To be honest, I was so  exhausted by a pretty relentless schedule yesterday, that I wasn’t sure how I was going to get through it….

anyhow..a funny thing happened between stepping on stage and stepping off . Don’t know where the energy came from ( actually, the wonderful audience MIGHT have had something to do with it) !! Anyhow..I’m resting now. Got to store up my power for the next few gigs.
 Have finally managed to see Michael Moore’s SICKO. Another highly recommended film…albeit  that the truth can oft times be depressing. I have always wondered about the health system in the US.
 Having been brought up with the benefits of a free National Health care system in Britain, I could never figure out the notion of people being turned away from  hospitals because they didn’t have insurance.
 To me, there’s something profoundly  wrong, and ethically disturbing about this way of  responding to human beings in urgent attention.
 On top of which..the cost of medication is  alarmingly expensive here.  On British National Health it’s for free…although I  hasten to add  ( for the record) that we’re not living in Utopia ( as MM presents it) …there are a lot of burdens on the system, doctors and nurses are overworked and underpaid, and there are often long waiting lists for operations..etc..
 How do people with HIV  cope in the US, let alone any other problem requiring long term use of medication???? It seems to me that unless you’ve been visited by the American dream, you could be closer to the unthinkable than you realise. SICKO exposes a plethora  of  anomalies surrounding the health insurance industry, the government, the hospital system, and those unfortunate folks who have fallen between the cracks..more by force than by design.
 Let me know your responses once you’ve seen the film. I’m curious to know what people feel about the issue.
 By the way..all the people featured in the Dark Road video are homeless (in LA)..there are millions more on the streets where we live.
 Guess none of them have health care either.