Bright eyed and bushy tailed, the pixies in the La Lennoxa camp

Today was a good one…More sorting..Though this time it wasn’t through kitchen cupboards. Now that January is ploughing forwards, and we’re all bright eyed and bushy tailed, the pixies in the La Lennoxa camp ( just being ridiculous) have headed back it their tasks with a unified and resounding Hi Ho!!
We are working out a great big game plan, to go forwards with the SING project in all kinds of ways that you might find refresh and develop the website(s), and to figure out THE PATH.
There are many ways to go…and several plates to spin. All which is all particularly exciting.
Yesterday I took the opportunity to hand the Prime Minister a copy of one of my favourite publications…RESURGENCE. ( check out )
I explained to him that it might give him a little alternative light reading when he has some down time, and is looking for new ideas to refresh his approach to nuclear power, nuclear waste and global warming!
He’ll probably recycle it, but never know!
Coming back with a vengence…the coming months are going to be packed with interesting things.