Back on track!

Okay..Back on track!
Did anyone check out Byron Katie??? Did you get anything out of it? Did it ring any bells??? Feedback please
Has anyone been watching Eckhart Tolle on Oprah??? I bought a copy of “The Power of  Now” about seven years ago, when  it first came out, and thought it was extraordinary.
 I’ve attended two of his talks here in London, and have quite a few of his other CD’s and books.
I think he’s truly exceptional, but in saying that, it’s almost like I’m putting some kind of label on him, which could be misleading. Perhaps what I should say is that there are many  people claiming to be teachers, coaches, guides and gurus, but he has some kind of very special quality that I’ve never encountered before.
I’ve been invited to a reception tomorrow at South Africa House, and then I’m going to the BBC to record  a session for Desert Island Discs. I thought it would be fun to do it, as I was asked.
I’m going to perform a few songs on piano for  The Lavender Trust on Thursday…A friend of mine set it up ten years ago after her younger sister died of cancer leaving two young children behind.
I played at the first one, and I’m looking forwards to contributing again.
I’ve realised that I can show up to certain events to sing and play a few songs on the piano. People seem to love it, and it’s nice for me to just do something simple like that, with the minimum of hooplah, so to speak.
Alright…have to go now…Happy Sparkle thoughts to everybody out there  in the wonderful world of My Space!!! bunny…fairy lights..twinkles.. glitter…starlight..kittens..hugs…soft blankets..cosiness..glockenspiels…..sweetness..light..and anything to do with ballet…