Back from Oslo

I’m back in the UK again…  
Lovely Sammy Andrews, (who runs My Space) got married on Tuesday, and now is (hopefully)  sipping a pina colada in more tropical climes!

In the last few weeks  I’ve spent time with Nelson Mandela, Archbishop Tutu…and last night I exchanged a hug with Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore.

All the artists who took part in the event were absolutely fantastic in every way. And I really feel that  there are MANY people in the world who want to take part in positive action when it comes to the  serious issues of the 21st Century. Everyone I talk to is saying “you CAN do SOMETHING”…..SOMETHING is always better than nothing! My dream would be to see all the environmental groups and organisations join together, to create an international  coalition of like minded citizens. If you’re not already a member of an environmental group like Greenpeace, why don’t you join now, and become part of the change you want to see happen??!!  The planet cannot be “saved” if we sit on our couches watching  reality TV while California burns!

My message is exactly the same as the day I wrote my first blog…WE NEED TO GET ACTIVE! Get on board…get involved…no matter what. Even if  “this boat is sinking” let’s not go down without at least trying to swim! 

More to follow soon…love AL