Alexander McQueen

A few people have asked me to comment on the tragic death of Alexander McQueen…

I was incredibly shocked to read the newspaper headlines. It just didn’t compute. Why should a young man in the prime of his life, and the apex of his creative artistry arrive at such a violent point of exit?
We are all mysterious..even to ourselves. Given a particular set of circumstances, we have no idea what our capabilities might be.
I just feel so sad that he arrived at such a place, and I’m left wondering what on earth prompted him to take his own life in such a way. I’m sure that’s the last thing his mother would have ever wanted.
It’s not my place to comment on a person who I never met. I’ve probably only ever been to two fashion shows in my life, which kind of lets you know how little of a “fashionista” I am, or ever was.
I just wish that “someone” could have been there to intervene, or dissuade him. And the thing is that there’s no turning back…Suicide is such a fait accomplis.
Done,  dusted and forever….and the friends, family and acquaintances’ are left holding this enormous question mark..this painful puzzle.
It’s absolutely haunting…and I’m terribly sad about it.