If you read my bog a bit more carefully you’d understand that I’m talking about  a strain of TB, connected to the Aids virus.

AIDS stands for "Acquired Immune Deficiency"…When your immune system is depleted, you are more vulnerable and at risk to diseases such as tuberculosis.

No one dies of AIDS per se…you die of whatever Aids leaves you exposed to.

And there is now a new strain of TB that cannot be cured or treated.

Aids is not an airborne disease…But this new strain of TB is.

The point being is that people are complacent. They feel somehow safe, as it were.."it’s happening OVER’s not going to affect ME, so why bother type of attitude" What I’m saying is that it’s in EVERYONE’S interest, and to EVERYONE’S benefit to get on board with the fight to tackle to this devastating virus, no matter what race, nation, sexual orientation, or economic level you’re coming from.


PS…In terms of religion I have to say that I’m fairly agnostic personally…although I do find aspects of Buddhist PHILOSOPHY something I can identify with. 

If people want to use my site to express their own religious view I have no objection, as long as it’s not overly crazy or offensive.  I probably have more questions than I do answers, and

I’m not into converting anyone into sharing my viewpoint..I respect the fact that everyone needs to reach their own beliefs and conclusions for themselves.