About Scotland…

The blog I sent about Scotland a few days ago was just for fun. I don’t know if Scotland will be better off as an independent country. I guess it’s down to the Scots to decide.

Tony Blair has announced the date of his departure..I’m wondering how he sleeps over the mess he co created in Iraq…. Perhaps now he’ll start selling maps on his future book tours to direct us to where the weapons of mass destruction were hidden. Sickening really.

Anyhow…on a lighter note…

For several years now I’ve lost touch or interest with "whatever the latest thing is" in music. When I walk into a record store I simply get overwhelmed by the amount on offer. I know there are loads of extraordinary artists and songs out there..but I’m a bit detached from it now. I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing..It just ‘is".

I’ve never liked anything just because everybody else seems to think it’s essential listening. When you go to some countries where people don’t have any money to spend on the latest CD’s, they make their own music with home made instruments. I love singing. I mean I LOVE singing. It always came naturally to me…and I didn’t have to buy an instrument.

I think there’s going to be a movement of people getting together to make music in their front rooms again…if it’s not already happening and I don’t know about it!




Joni Mitchell Stevie Wonder Marvyn Gaye Otis Reading The Supremes Martha Reeves And The Vandellas The Isley Brothers The Beatles The Kinks The Rolling Stones Aretha Franklyn Bob Marley Paul Simon Procul Harum Traffic David Bowie Steely Dan Roxy Music Elton John Blondie James Taylor The Beach Boys The Mamas And Papas America Chrissie Hynde And The Pretenders The Cocteau Twins The Blue Nile Edith Piaf Cecilia Cruz Muddy Waters Mary J Blidge Kate Bush Brian Eno Debussy Bach Purcell Eric Satie Beethoven Grieg Mozart Delius Vivaldi Couperin Telemann Miles Davis The Psychedelic Furs Neil Young John Lee Hooker Sting The Police The Sex Pistols Billy Mackenzie And The Associates Grace Jones Hari Prasad Chaurasia Ravi Shankar Scritti Politti Jeff Buckley Prince Cameo The Fugees Billy Holiday Carole King Roberta Flack Nina Simone The Staples Singers Tlc Dusty Springfield Petula Clark Neil Young The B52’s Talking Heads The Ramones Herp Alpert Morrisey The Smiths Brazil 66 The Incredible String Band Kraftwerk Devo Canned Heat Glen Cambell Cameron De La Isla Jimmy Shand And His Band…


Twelve Classic Songs…


Say A Little Prayer..Aretha Franklyn

Dock Of The Bay..Otis Reading

Sometimes It Snows In April..Prince

I Am The Walrus..The Beatles

Rocket Man. .Elton John

Kid..The Pretenders

Rickie Don’t Lose That Number…Steely Dan

Denis Denis..Blondie

Summertime ..The Isley Brothers

Lady Marmalade..Labelle

On The Road Again..Canned Heat

Word Up..Cameo