2005 July – December


Annie’s Uganda Diary
Annie was invited by Richard Curtis to make a short film in Uganda for Make Poverty History, to be shown during the BBC’s broadcast of Live8. Her aim was to try to convey the full scale of the country’s HIV/Aids problem. As an ambassador of Nelson Mandela’s 46664 campaign to raise global awareness of HIV/Aids, Lennox is already well versed in the horrors of this modern scourge, but was profoundly moved by what she found. A diary of her trip was printed in the Daily Telegraph.

Live 8 was the biggest effort to raise awareness and bring an end to extreme world poverty since Live Aid in 1985. Concerts took place in London, Philadelphia, Paris, Berlin and Tokyo (to name but a few) on July 2, 2005, with 3 billion people worldwide watching. Live 8 London took over Hyde Park, featuring huge artists such as U2, Coldplay, Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd, Madonna and of course Annie Lennox herself. Performing hits ‘Why’, ‘Little Bird’ and ‘Sweet Dreams’, Annie’s amazing voice and commitment to the cause earned her great praise from the crowds and press alike, as these reviews show:

‘Annie Lennox struck a chord straight away by playing her most moving song, ‘Why’, alone at the piano. Her singing, always formidable, expanded on the big stage. If you closed your eyes, you could have been listening to someone as black as the tiny HIV victims in the accompanying video pictures. The song made a moment of dignified force.’ –  The Mail on Sunday, July 3

‘Her profile has been so low, but she hit everyone between the eyes with one of the performances of the day. It reminded everyone what a fantastic talent she has.’ The Independent, Monday July 4

‘Just to see Annie Lennox sing ‘Sweet Dreams’ again was one of those moments which makes 20 years disappear in an instant.’ – Daily Express, Monday July 4

‘Annie Lennox held the crowds spellbound.’ -Daily Mail, Monday July 4

‘Annie performed with an excellent blend of tenderness and power. Her ‘Sweet Dreams’ had real strength and menace and she shone brightly. 9/10.’ – Daily Mirror, Monday July 4

‘The most beautiful sound came from Annie Lennox. ‘ – The Sun, Monday July 4

‘A heartfelt ‘Why’ accompanied a gut-wrenching film of stoically suffering Africans. Her combination of controlled anger and compassion fuelled the most emotionally powerful set of the day. Glorious.’ Neil McCormick, Daily Telegraph, Monday July 4

What Annie said on the day:

“The issues can no longer be ignored. We have brought them to the table. Every one of us believes that this is a just and righteous cause. Together, with focus and determination, we can all begin to make poverty history.” – Annie Lennox, speaking at Live 8, as reported in The Observer, Sunday July 3

Live 8 Edinburgh
The Final Push, Murrayfield, Edinburgh. Coming four days after London’s Hyde Park triumph, 50,000 people turned out to see Annie Lennox swathed in a tartan scarf she sat at the piano for a moving rendition of ‘Redemption Song’ and ‘Sweet Dreams’.


New Eurythmics Single and Album details were announced. Eurythmics were back together for the first time in 5 years. This was the first time the iconic duo had worked together since the 1999/2000 album ‘Peace’ and the tour of the same name, which they dedicated to Greenpeace and Amnesty, giving them the profits.


New Eurythmics Website was launched.

Annie joined former UK Cabinet minister Chris Smith, author Gillian Slovo, and hundreds of other Britons and South Africans in central London for the launch of the Friends of the Treatment Action Campaign. FoTAC is a UK-based charity established to support the fight for HIV/Aids treatment in South Africa, where around 800 people die of the disease unnecessarily every day, they will raise money for TAC’s campaigns and also raise awareness in the UK about the HIV/Aids crisis.

Annie said: “It is scandalous and absurd that a virtual genocide can go pretty much unchecked and unacknowledged by the world at large. We can no longer afford to stick our heads in the sand. As a woman and a mother, I am honoured to join hands with FoTAC to make my contribution in whatever way I can.”

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An exhibition of Eurythmics celebrated images over the years took place in London at the Air Gallery. The exhibition was put together with the help of graphic designer Laurence Stevens of LSD Studio who has worked with the Eurythmics throughout their career.  It showcased images taken by some of the world’s leading photographers including Richard Avedon, Jean Baptiste-Mondino, Peter Ashworth, Alistair Thaine, Lewis Ziolek and Anoushka Fisz amongst others.


Interviews with Annie appeared in:

Scotland on Sunday – Interview with Annie (November 13)

Glasgow Herald – Cover feature with Annie & Dave (November 5)

Saturday Telegraph – ‘Flashback’ with Annie Lennox (October 29)

Sunday Times Style- Exhibition Feature with Annie (October 30)

Saturday Times – Cover feature, Annie & Dave, (November 5)

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Eurythmics performed ‘There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart)’ on Parkinson and also appeared on Top Of The Pops and GMTV.

‘I’ve Got A Life’ went into the UK charts at number 14

In the US, Annie and Dave performed on the AMA’s.

They also appeared on the Tonight show with Jay Leno and on the Today Show.

Eurythmics were inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame, along with New Order/Joy Division, Black Sabbath, Bob Dylan, The Who, The Kinks, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd and Aretha Franklin.

Eurythmics,  ULTIMATE COLLECTION entered the UK charts at number 5 and stayed in the top ten for several weeks. A huge achievement in the Christmast charts.


On World Aids Day Annie appears on Jonathan Dimbleby show on behalf of FoTAC raising awareness and talking passionately.

Annie was a guest contributor for The Times and penned a piece on HIV/Aids and the promises made by the G8 leaders.

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‘I’ve Got A Life’ knocks Madonna’s ‘Hung Up’ off the number 1 spot on the Billboard Dance Club Play Charts and stays there for 3 weeks!

Annie wrote a thought provoking piece for Make Poverty History website about women in Africa, how poverty ravages their lives and HIV/Aids is wiping out generations. Here’s just a sample of what she wrote,

“Hiv/Aids is wiping out entire generations in a devastating cycle of death. This could be prevented if people had access to anti retroviral medication. Poverty prevents access to treatment, bringing on an early death sentence. Which effectively means that most people affected are simply “too poor to live”. To me, this is a unacceptable moral outrage. This is one of the reasons why I’ll be keeping a close eye on the political leaders to see whether they follow through with their goal to make Hiv/Aids medication available to every man woman and child by 2010.”