Vrygrond Update – First Session In The Centre

As reported here last year Annie Lennox’s performance at the television charity event Spendenmarathon in Germany in November 2008 raised hundreds of thousands of euros for the Vrygrond Community Development Trust , who in conjunction with the Elton John Aids Foundation are using the money to build the Vrygrond community day care centre in Capetown. The centre will provide care and support for those affected by HIV, vulnerable children and caregivers. This is a follow-on project, replicating a model that has already proved to be successful in Nyanga, The Etafeni Trust.

We are delighted to share with you  this wonderful latest update from Jonathan Schrire:

"Thought you should have a pic of the first training session in the new VCC, – taken today. This will one day be an historical photo of the first time the VCC was used. Well done to all of you!"


 (Click to enlarge)

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