Vrygrond Community Center – Officially Open

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On the 24th March 2010 Annie Lennox and Sir Elton John officially opened the Vrygrond Community Center just outside of Capetown. The VCC is a joint venture between the Elton John AIDS Foundation, Annie Lennox’s SING Campaign, and the Vrygrond Community Development Trust. It will provide vital services for adults and children living locally, up to 13% of whom are already infected with HIV.
The VCC will be owned and run by the local community as a hub of support, treatment and care for people affected by HIV/AIDS. It will run skills training and job creation; vegetable gardening for the users of the centre; income generation and marketing support for women; provide a social worker with a team of community care workers to address social problems and gain access to social grants; and “Fit for Life, Fit for Work” life and work skills training and job placement programme for unemployed young people.