The Lazarus Effect (RED) Film

On May 24th 2010, "The Lazarus Effect" by director Lance Bangs and executive producer Spike Jonze premiered on HBO, YouTube and Channel 4 (UK).  This (RED) 30 minute film illustrates the transformative effect of life-saving antiretroviral medicine through the stories of HIV+ people in Zambia. By taking the ARV medicine – 2 life-saving pills that cost around 40 cents a day – in as few as 40 days, the medicine can help bring people back to life.
HIV/AIDS is a preventable and treatable disease yet it has killed more than 20 million people in Africa. In 2002 only 50,000 people had access to the medication due to its high cost. Today, thanks to reduced costs and increased access, more than 3 million people in Africa are now receiving treatment. Still, 3,800 people die every day in sub-Saharan Africa from AIDS. “The Lazarus Effect” film shows that this needn’t be the case.
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