I’ve been waiting for the right time to announce our future plans for the SING Campaign, and at last, I can now share this with you. I know that many people were curious to have more information about Avelile, the little Seven year old girl who was born with HIV, and was suffering from full blown Aids, when we first encountered her. During our last South African trip we went to meet her again in her new home, where she’s living with her Father’s family. You can see by the photographs just how much she’s improved. This is the kind of thing, The Sing Campaign is working for. This is the kind of difference we can make!

Annie Lennox


Annie Lennox


·        Groundbreaking tie-in with The Body Shop UK


·        Exclusive media event hosted by Annie Lennox on 7th 
         March   @  The  Frontline Club


·        BBC Sports Relief 2008 Support



In December 2006, Annie Lennox invited 23 of the world’s most acclaimed female superstar voices to record with her on a song she had written, called “SING,” in order to help to draw attention to the HIV AIDS pandemic, most especially focusing on the country of South Africa, where women and children are most badly affected.  All proceeds from the song are to be donated to the grass roots organisation…Treatment Action Campaign TAC (


TAC was founded on 10 December 1998 in Cape Town, South Africa.  The organisation campaigns for access to treatment for people with HIV, and the reduction of new HIV infections. Their efforts have resulted in many life-saving interventions, including the implementation of country-wide mother-to-child transmission prevention and antiretroviral treatment programmes. TAC also runs a treatment literacy campaign: this is a training programme on the science of HIV treatment and prevention


We are delighted to announce the continuation of “The SING Campaign” for 2008. The Body Shop and BBC’s Sports Relief 2008 are eager to participate in the second phase.

In addition to which, Annie Lennox will be personally hosting an exclusive media event at the respected Frontline Club in London on March 7th, to talk about her work with TAC and discuss the reality of South Africa’s HIV AIDS situation.

As part of their support, The Body Shop will sell and distribute a special edition of the groundbreaking “Sing” track at selected UK outlets from 10th – 23rd March. This will be the first time the Body Shop has ever sold music to the public.


BBC Sports Relief  have agreed to broadcast footage of TAC’s work, which Annie documented during her 2 week visit  to some of the worse affected areas of South Africa in September 2007. TAC will also receive much needed funding from Sports Relief as part of their commitment to allocating donations to worth-while causes.

As an example of the kind of work TAC are doing…this is what Annie Lennox had to say,


“This is Avellile. Yes….This is Avellile in BOTH pictures! A little seven year old girl, weighing less than a one year old baby. Her chances of survival were not great. She had full blown Aids, and was struggling with pneumonia and severe weight loss. The doctors and nurses at the hospital managed to put her on a course of treatment, and supported her food intake at the nutrition center, where she was very well taken care of. ONLY FIVE MONTHS LATER….and you can see the improvement for yourself! She looks like a completely different girl, she’s now attending school, and leading a normal life with her family.

I think every child should have the right to proper medical care, and good nutrition….don’t you”?


July 2007


December 2007