Photographic documentary on HIV & Aids programs by photographer Matthew Willman

Perspektivet Museum: Tromso, Norway. 
Opening: 5th June – 26 September 2010

The photographer Matthew Willman has over the past ten years committed his career to using the visual medium as a means of telling the stories of those infected and affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic across Southern Africa. Willman has undertaken photographic work for various foundations, organisations and several highly respected clients. He has the privilege of working closely with the Nelson Mandela Foundation / Centre of Memory / iconic hand portrait of Mr Mandela for the 46664 Campaign. The exhibition is produced by Perspektivet Museum, in close collaboration with the photographer. Annie Lennox, Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu have added their support for this exhibition, ’VUKUKANYE : RISING UP’ 

The SING campaign is one of the organisations featured in the exhibition. “It is a huge privilege to have Annie Lennox and her SING campaign come along side this exhibition, her work embodies the action taken and the passion needed to show the world we all can make a difference”.

On the exhibition Annie Lennox said:
"Matthew’s passionately connected to the complexity of his existence as a young white middle class South African, who longs for the establishment of justice, fairness and equality.  I don’t want to speak for him. His photographs do the job infinitely better…But please consider, as you view these images that there’s so much more behind them. More than you or I could ever imagine. He’s giving you the invitation to enter into a world that you might not know..a world comprised of “Us all”….trying to get along, and trying to survive in the best way we can. A world racked with extreme social /economical divisions, and the legacy of Apartheid, followed on by the absolute devastation of the HIV pandemic. With this exhibition he is revealing aspects of South Africa as it stands..a complex challenging vibrant country, faced with every challenge under the sun, post rainbow nation."

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