Messages Of Support From Some Of The Choir Of 23

Annie Lennox

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Bonnie Raitt

"Thanks for all the wonderful work you’ve done this year with the Sing campaign.  I’m so proud to have joined together with so many wonderful singers to help Annie raise awareness and support for the terrible problem of HIV/AIDS especially for women in Africa. I’ve loved Annie’s music for years and hope we can work miracles with her beautiful song and Sister Choir."


"Music is a medium that can link people from all over the world together. It is a great symbol to have so many powerful women’s voices on



“Congratulations for all the hard work that Sing has done in the last year, good luck and much love for the next year to come.  Happy First birthday Sing! ”


Gladys Knight

"Congratulations on all the success of the foundation. We all must do our part to make a difference. Thank you so much for stepping up to the plate."


Joss Stone

"Happy anniversairy ‘sing’! well done to everyone on the team and a special well done to annie for sticking her neck out for the things that she believes in! I am inspired and proud to be part of this"



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